Not so Secret confession!


Ok, I admit it, I’m a yarnoholic! I do knit, but not enough to justify the vast collection I have of yarn!

I have mostly knitted for my doll collection in the past few years. But lately I’ve actually been knitting for people, even myself! Yes, I do fit in that category! Yesterday I had such a buzz to recieve a parcel of nice, thick chunky yarn! Its so nice and squishy, and yes, there is a project to go with it!

I do have to control myself..I’m not a person who can have a lot of things on the go, or I would never finish any of them! I’m currently working on something for me…to wear on Christmas day…yes, that’s right Christmas! And its almost finished! Then I have another small project to do before starting on my lovely new yarn! I must do it this way as the new yarn is for a Christmas present and I need another thing first. There is a subtle order to my madness!

Due to most of my knitting being for dolls, I have quite an assortment of parts of balls of 4 ply and lace weight yarn! (that’s fingering and 1 or 2 ply in American speak!) Also I mostly use tiny needles.  One of the draws of this is that things are finished in one or two evenings, Instant Gratification! Also makes it nice to visit yarn shops and scrounge around in their sale bins! I have lovely yarn, but only little bits of each kind. I could make many stripey things. Every once in awhile I go through it all and actually get rid of some on ebay. Its like selling my children…No, I’ve never actually sold any children on ebay, but I imagine its a close feeling.

So as my stash of yarn goes up faster as my finished knitted objects, I expect to reach critical mass sometime soon.  If you hear of an explosion of wooly bits in southeast England…check to see if I’m underneath, please!

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  1. Uh oh, the hoarding of hobby materials must run in the family! My friends are always making fun of me for getting really into something and then “needing” all the accoutrements. Hehe.

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