Weekend madness


As opposed to weekday madness!

Since I’m now retired, the weekdays and weekends just sort of float together! Of course, I know the difference because my husband is home on the weekend.

I plan to do as much as possible to finish my Christmas tunic I’m making. Nothing really Christmassy about it, just a cream,plain tunic with cap sleeves. I need to make the sleeves, which is a matter of just a few rows really, then the neckline ribbing and the dreaded sewing up! Voila, Christmas outfit at the ready! I have a long sleeve green tee for under it and green leggings….what a charmer I will be! Last year it was red leggings and a striped long shirt, looked like a very large peppermint stick!

My next project is the cat Halloween bag from the Knit Today magazine. I am not making a green cat, I’ve got black yarn, and will make green trim. I might even make two, one with orange trim, we’ll see how it goes! Then I start a Christmas gift project, which will remain secret as the recipient reads my blogs! (you know who you are!) Don’t worry, its something cool, no tweed cardigans with elbow patches!

Then I also want to knit a bunch of ornamental things, maybe even to sell. We’ll see how my fingers hold out, Arthritis sometimes curbs my plans!

Well, I suppose I’d better get to it then!

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  1. Hi. Thanks for subscribing to my blog! You sure have a lot of projects right now. I am only knitting socks today. Have a nice weekend, Judy

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