Done and Dusted!


Cream Tunic

It’s finished and it fits! Two of the best things I can say about anything I make!

This is a pattern from King Cole, using their Haze DK yarn. Its very simple and very easy to knit…if you like a lot of stockinette stitch, perfect for those nights in front of the telly! On the pattern, its shown dress length with a belt, and of course, the skinny model looks great. Mine will be a bit lumpy with me in it, probably won’t wear a belt and there will be leggings and a long sleeve Tee under it.  I made it a bit shorter, mid thigh, I think dress length things with leggings look stupid, I don’t care what the fashion industry says! Of course, I might loose 100 lbs by Christmas, in which case, I will wear a  belt!

So, that’s my holiday wear sorted! Time to start that Halloween bag for October…I would have done that first, but only saw the pattern the other day and this was already on the needles.

Its been a long time since I had this many things I wanted to knit, its rather exciting!

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  1. Very nice color. Can wear with many things. I also do not like the long length with leggings. Happy knitting, Judy

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