Project interuptus


It happens, you get going on something and realize you need something else to finish it. In fact, like to me this week, it sometimes happens twice!

I'm happy, really!

I started this bag to send a friend, full of chocolate, of course! I also planned to make one for me, bigger, to use as a festive handbag in October. I bought lining, really cute Halloween lining. Then I thought, hmmm, this fabric came in green color….and if I use the charcoal one for both bags, I might not have enough to make the pockets and organizational compartments I’m thinking of for my bag. So, back to ebay, ordered another bit of fabric in green. I had some sewing etc to do for the face, so got to work on that, then started my next project of a Christmas gift that cannot be mentioned. Did  part and had to switch to bigger needles…oops, I didn’t have that size…I have the Knit Pro interchangable needle set, but it didn’t have that size, so back to ebay. I had also decided that the black cotton used in this bag was DK and I really wanted Aran, so back to ebay again. Luckily, the fabric person was really quick and I was able to finish this. Then today the Aran yarn came so I could start my handbag. Needles should come tomorrow.

Then I should be set for a month! The handbag will be finished by the time the weekend is out, so then its just the “other thing”. Then I can start little projects I have in mind…ornaments etc. Whew! I must be going through a real creative phase at the moment!

But tomorrow, I’m meeting a friend in town (Gravesend). Its the monthly Farmer’s Market and there will be fudge to buy!  To put in my friend’s Halloween bag, of course!

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