Am I creative, or just have subconscious memories?

Cord making

Did I invent this?

I wanted a strap for a knitted bag, and I didn’t want it to stretch…So, I had the bright idea of putting a naked upholstery cord in the centre of the cord I could make on a knitting bee(I have yet to master I cords, and this was an easy alternative) So, I started the yarn cord, and after 2-3 rows, I inserted the other cord,  I can’t remember what it is called, but you use it when putting a cord decoration around cushions, etc. I could have just bought an already colored cord, black would have done, or if I looked long and hard enough, I might even have found an orange one, but that wouldn’t have been as creative!

Its kind of a pain keeping the middle cord out of the way of the knitting, but I am quite pleased it worked! Now I can put bricks in my bag and the strap won’t stretch and become 3 feet longer! (I just have to be sure I sew it on strongly! Here is a blurry shot of the top of the bee, I’m not very good at taking pics one handed of something I’m holding in the other hand! Be sure, if you are going to try this, that you cut your middle cord a bit longer than you need, because you will have to push it all the way through so it sticks out the bottom. You will have trouble pushing it through if you knit more than a couple of rows to start with.  Secure the knitting to the middle cord with regular needle and thread at both ends.

Cord entering the bee....not for the faint of heart, LOL!I remember making the regular knitted cords as a kid, my dad actually put those headless nails in the top of a big thread spool. I had a commercially made one too. I have no recollection of what was done with the cords, I think there were instructions to make a trivet type thing for the table by winding it round and round itself and securing with sewing thread, but I doubt I did anything with mine!

When I am finished with Halloween and Christmas things, I’m going to play with the round and long looms I bought at least 2 years ago…maybe 3. I have some books to go with them, so I might even be able to do something besides wooly hats!  Let me know if you need one!

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