Calliope at the New Romney Station

This was supposed to be further down, I’m a doofus!

Dymchurch Station
I hear that train a comin’

Sunday we went to have a ride on our favorite miniature railway.  It was built by an eccentric millionaire and used during  WW2 to transport troops and equipment. It runs between Hythe and Dungeness along the south east coast of England. Its one of few preserved railways that is actually used by people for school and work. They run diesel and steam locos, steam being the favorite! Sunday they had a display of vintage transport (old buses!) at the Romney station. We rode one between Dungeness and New Romney, quite bumpy!

Vintage bus from the Maidstone line

We rode along singing Summer Holiday...not! LOL!

And this is the very bus we rode. We managed to squeeze up the spiral stair to the top deck.

Station pic taken out of the bus window

Almost looks like an Old West shot of a desert station!

We didn’t have a window that opened, so took this through the window, you can see a bit of reflection. It had started out a bit grey and rainy, but had become sunny by the time we got to Dungeness…about a 20 minute ride.  We switched from train to bus to go up to New Romney:

Loco warming up at the New Romney Station


This shows you the size of the train, the man standing next to it is not the Jolly Green Giant!

Mural at Station

Mural on the New Romney Station Building

There were more buses on display at the New Romney station, its the biggest station on the line and they have several special events during the year. There are Thomas the Tank Engine days for the kids, they have the faces for all the Thomas Engine characters that attach to the different engines owned by the Railway. There is a big gift shop there, lots of train related items and the profits go to help keep the railway on the tracks!

From New Romney, we took the train back to Dymchurch. Its a nice little seaside town. We had sundaes at a cafe called Retro, they play Elvis music non-stop and have a life size cardboard cutout. The girls wear 50’s gear. I had Malibu gelato….very nice!

Thus ended our day out! See, I do things beside knitting!

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