So much to do, plenty of time, I’m just lazy!


The time has come to do something about this house! I have been excusing my self because of my back, my knee or anything else I can think of.

Today I was actually useful, started a lot of things, but that’s the glory of retirement, you can start lots of things, knowing you can finish tomorrow, or the day after that…or the day after that….

Sid and I are both hoarders, not good. Well, it would be ok if we lived in Buckingham Palace, just fill up a room and move on to another! But we have a very limited space to live in, so something has to give. Or at least we need to buy more storage bins.

Today I started in the garage. I knew I had two huge Rubbermaid lidded storage bins I shipped over from the US 11 years ago. They had hardly anything in them and I had an almost empty footlocker, so they got emptied into the footlocker, then I had to wash them out….and wash my feet, and the back stoop and almost the cat.

Then it was time to rest my back for a bit and put the laundry in the dryer. Then take the laundry out and hang it up…I never dry it completely, just keep it in long enough to remove cat hair and most wrinkles, I can live with the rest.

Then I started to pack up stuff that was in the kitchen/dining area. Like all Sid’s railway model stuff and old photo’s that are supposed to go into the two albums I bought him. Now I have a bunch of old papers to go through, anything before 2008 gets shredded.

Got bored with that stuff, so came up here to delve into the vast collection of bags I have in here. Doll stuff in one pile, craft stuff in the empty drawers I bought for just that purpose, books back on the bookcase, gift wrap in the two drawers in the bookcase. And odds and ends in the other huge tub. Time to rest the back again!

And in between all that, I’ve stripped the bed, turned the mattress and remade the bed, watered my garden on Fairyland(facebook) and made dinner.

I think I deserve a rest now, and some knitting. And maybe a cup of that Celestial Seasonings tea I found at our supermarket. Its not widely available here, in fact I’ve only seen this one kind….Sleepytime….just what this insomniac needs!

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