Who says Libras are indecisive….


I saw a beautiful picture of a knit tunic, and advert for Rialto Chunky by Debbie Bliss. I found the book at Deramore’s (other yarn merchants are available). Luckily, they have a sale on their chunky yarn right now. I found what I wanted, not Debbie Bliss yarn as that would cost £100 to buy, but some nice Stylecraft Life in Pampas. Well, ok, here is the indecisive part, I wanted terracotta, there was a nice Paton’s chunky in pumpkin…close enough and fits the season, but they only had 3 balls, I needed 13, so, instead of asking if they would be getting any more in for the sale price, I went looking again, thus finding the pampas, which is a greeny color with specks in it.  I love variegated yarns, especially the fair isle effect ones and tweedy ones, I think this one fits in the tweedy category. Seeing as my last effort for myself was cream, I figure I’m owed something snazzy! Also, there is more yardage per ball in this one, so I only needed 10! Big savings all round.

Now, here is where it gets weird. I bought the same yarn in a lighter weight to make my favorite doll a matching sweater….

Sigh….I can make neither till I get my Christmas projects out of the way, especially as I plan to sell some stuff I make. Thank goodness the gift I’m making at the moment is a cool yarn with lovely colors and is going along nicely, that helps. Nothing like knitting something you don’t like…something I don’t usually do, but when knitting a gift for someone, it is rather important that they like it, even if it means you are suffering.

I still would like to make a terracotta something for myself.  I won’t have a problem finding a pattern, this book has several in it that I would gladly make and wear, a real bonus! And they all come in big sizes! Amazing!

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