Another birthday gone….sigh….


Dungeness Lighthouse, now used as a museum

Not sure why I thought this was an appropriate pic for this blog post, but I just like it!

So, I turned 62 yesterday. Big deal! The best part is the brand new laptop I got from my beloved and the fact we are getting wi-fi! The next best part is that today I got two new dolls for my collection from my brother. So, all is well in the Holland household…at least for me!

Getting older is no big deal. Well, ok, try to tell my body that! Tomorrow we go for Sid to get his eyes checked, he has cataracts and this is a final inspection before they arrange the first surgery. They only do one eye at a time, I guess its for the best…wouldn’t want to have to use a white cane while 2 eyes heal!

I don’t really have any earth shattering revelations about life, the universe and everything, but I did promise myself that I would keep this blog up and so I shall, even if you beg me to stop!

I promise it shall be more entertaining next time!

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