Yarn Overload!


I’m not saying anything new to anyone who knits….I have way too much yarn! But try to get me to give any up!

Stash is a common term amongst us knitters. I have STASH. I know there are worse stashes out there, just as I know there are avid doll collectors with way more dolls than I have, but for the space I have, I have too much! The answer, of course, knit till my fingers bleed, cause there is no way I will give up buying yarn! I suppose you have to be a knitter to fully understand the way it feels when you are making the yarn into a garment, or a toy or some household item like a cushion.

So, what brings on this blog…I decided to try to organize my knitting accoutrements in a more logical way. I had a load of more recently purchased stuff downstairs surrounding my chair. And the other stuff is up here in my computer/craft/doll room. I wanted to consolidate all the needles and accessories in a storage box downstairs, where I do the actual knitting. I then have another box with the current project in it. Everything else should be up here. I’ve hauled up the excess yarn, now I have to sit for a few hours and sort through the bins of yarn here and decide if I want to organize by weight/ply (my favored option so far) or by seasons(color and weight) or by color alone. Right now, its a combination of seasons and type of yarn (sparkly, eyelash, tweedy etc.) Since most of my knitting in the recent past has been for dolls, I only have a ball or two of a color/type. But recently I have come across a few patterns I love and actually have bought enough yarn to make them, so I have at least 3 big projects in waiting, but since they are for myself, they are targeted for after Christmas making, or at least until I finish the things I want to make for Christmas!

Now, I have some accessories/needles still up here as well, so have to haul them downstairs…next house will be on one floor! (and have a huge room for my craft stuff!) And I think I need another storage box…sigh! They are easy enough, a shop in town carries them, actually they are collapsed cardboard with big snappy things to hold them together, so easy to carry. They are a nice size, even though I think some of my old metal needles I brought from the US will have to go in diagonally. I use mostly my Knit Pro interchangeable, circular needles now, they are very pointy and really nice to use! I keep the old Boye’s out of sentiment really.

Well, off to photocopy a few patterns I want to use! I don’t like to have the whole magazine on my lap while knitting! Plus it messes up the other pages, always falls on the floor and the cat thinks its his personal sitting mat.


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