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Craft Fair!


We are having a craft fair at the library where I go for my knitting group! It was my idea, and now that it is happening, I’m wondering if I will actually make even half of the things I intend! My energy level has suddenly sunk to the centre of the earth!

What is that old adage….be careful what you wish for!

Well, I’ve made 10 cotton knit facecloths in Christmassy colors. I’ve got little soaps to go with them, now I’m thinking of making some sewn, stuffed ornaments, they are quicker and easier to make, so can go for less money! You need to have some very reasonably priced things to attract attention!

I think I lost some excitement when I found we could only do one morning in conjunction with a MacMillan Cancer charity coffee morning. I had hoped for a whole week during library hours, even willing to sit there…our library is small and is closed on Monday and Wednesday(and Sunday) and only open short hours the other days, but still, a lot of people waft in and out.

But I will try to make the best of it, there is always the Saturday market for things that are left. I guess I should be happy I won’t have to make as much! Keeping a table full for a week could be tiring..and hard on the knitting fingers!

That’s why I think I’ll fall back a bit on sewing, I have loads of Christmassy fabric, small quantities of each, so ideal for one of a kind ornaments…or maybe I can get two out of each piece of fabric…fat quarters are what I have mostly.

I don’t think we are in a neighborhood that would go for expensive, lush alpaca scarves and hats for the exorbitant price that would have to be charged for them! (we now have FOUR pound/discount shops in Gravesend) So, the thing would be stocking stuffers that don’t take too much time or materials!

That is the problem with being a handcrafter…Unless you are some big designer name, people just think of your creations as something that should cost very little. The truth is, even if you buy the cheapest yarn and don’t count your time into the price, its hard to have any actual profit. I can buy a knitted scarf at Primark for less that the cost of even the cheaper yarn, and I have! Its nice to put effort into things and have a nice one of a kind thing that you can take pride in wearing, but sometimes you just need something right now and don’t have the time to make it! I learned a while back not to cast pearls before swine, if I know someone won’t appreciate the time and effort that it takes to make something, then I buy their gift!

It will be interesting to see how this works out. I’ll keep you posted!


One Big Project done, when will it all end!

One Big Project done, when will it all end!

I’ve got my biggest Christmas present project finished! Hoorah! Can’t show it to you yet…its a secret!

I’ve got a couple of other ideas for presents, but they will be made next month. Until then, I’m making little things, possibly for sale, if the Christmas Fair idea works out! I’ll find out next week. But I have yarn and patterns that I’ve had for awhile for ornaments and Christmas brooches for coats..that sort of thing! I’ve completed 10 facecloths and have little guest soaps to put with them. I need a break from that!

I had a breeze through my doll collection pictures. I had forgotten how much clothing I had knitted for them! I’ll have to gather a few together and take a group shot! Some of the things have been sold, but I have plenty left!

Cute little space creatures

They don't talk, they whistle

These are some Clangers I made from the original pattern from the BBC. You can see them on U Tube, just do a search for Clangers. A really cute stop animation show from a long time ago! I find them entertaining! (And I love the narrator’s posh accent!)

That will have to hold you over till I take those doll photos! LOL!


Needle snobbery or Needle love???


There is a column I read in Knitting magazine and she wrote about needle snobbery and how she finds herself understanding it better after trying to use old warped needles on a project. I think the column is called Purls of Wisdom.

I am a needle snob! I never was until I bought my Knit Pro set! I love them, never want to use anything else! I have the Symphonie ones,  I love the colors and the pointy points! I have the interchangeable  set with different size cables to use. Now they have come out with Cubix, square needles! I got a couple pair in the short length for small projects and I love them too! This company knows how to make a knitter happy! I would be happier if they were cheaper…but its cheap compared to some other things people seem to need to make them happy! It is liking using works of art!

So, I have a lot to be thankful for…a brand new zippy laptop, some new dolls for my collection and wonderful to use needles to knit with…life is good! Oh, and a wonderful husband and a great daughter and brother who send me cool stuff!

W.I.P. or works in progress!


I usually think of wip’s in the terms of knitting even though I have seen most creative people use the phrase for their various creative efforts. Usually its used in the context of  “How many wip’s do you have going?” or ” I have 12 wip’s in my basket”. My answer is always ONE.

I’m just not the type of person who can concentrate on more than one thing at a time! I do admit to stopping work on a big, boring project for several months and completing a myriad of smaller things in that time, but I rarely actually work on more than one thing at a time. Too confusing. It took me 2 years to finish a white, boring cardigan…and it doesn’t look or fit properly. But I got a lot of doll clothes, scarves and hats finished in between….one at a time, of course. The only time you might find 2 projects on the go is if I have to go somewhere that I know entails a long wait, and my main project is too big to cart along, or if I’m going over to the knitting group and again, the main project is just too big to drag over there.  Right now, my big project is basically finished, only needs blocking and buttons. (that could take awhile!) So, I’m happily working on my Christmas fair ideas, all small projects. I have another medium sized gift project for my sister, but have decided it can wait till the beginning of November, October is concentrated on my small stuff.

So, in my little mind, I have many wip’s, but in real life, its still one at a time. Actually, I am quite good at remembering patterns. Even the most complex Aran designs come naturally to me..I only need to do the lot once or twice and I’ve got it. I have an Aran project for myself after Christmas, when I can concentrate on it wholeheartedly!

Of course, now that I am in the throes of making ornaments and saleable small items, I realize I should have been doing this all year round! Luckily, I’m starting at a small Christmas Fair, so don’t need too much, but if it is mildly successful, I need to keep this in mind for next year! I used to do craft fairs a lot when I was younger, so I do have an idea what it entails, but I’m in a different country and a different time, so not sure how it will go!

So, how many wip’s do you have!?

Have I told you lately….


…How much I love my new laptop and our new Wi-Fi connection! I don’t understand it,but I love it!

I got my Windows 7 for Dummies book today from Amazon and I’ll be reading up on all the clever things it does…or not as the case may be! Biggest problem is that there is no Kate for Dummies manual!

I’ve been using computers since 1997-98. I was up to speed, until I married my ex and moved here. He is a Mac enthusiast. He set up his old Mac for me to use. I got used to it easily, but it was old and very soon it was obsolete and things I wanted to update and use couldn’t anymore. We were separated then, so I had a look on ebay and found my previous laptop. I loved it immediately. It took a bit getting used to Windows again, but there were lots of people at work to help. One even came over and helped me set it up.  It was a few years old when I got it and I used it for 6 years, so that is ancient in computer world! I intend to keep it, I doubt it would be good for anyone else. I still have things to burn to CD on it and it has Photoshop Elements 5 on it. The photo prog on this is rubbish…or maybe I’ll discover something when I read the Dummies book! I might run craft programs on it, or I might ship it over to the Smithsonian!

I’m hoping this baby will last as long!