Have I told you lately….


…How much I love my new laptop and our new Wi-Fi connection! I don’t understand it,but I love it!

I got my Windows 7 for Dummies book today from Amazon and I’ll be reading up on all the clever things it does…or not as the case may be! Biggest problem is that there is no Kate for Dummies manual!

I’ve been using computers since 1997-98. I was up to speed, until I married my ex and moved here. He is a Mac enthusiast. He set up his old Mac for me to use. I got used to it easily, but it was old and very soon it was obsolete and things I wanted to update and use couldn’t anymore. We were separated then, so I had a look on ebay and found my previous laptop. I loved it immediately. It took a bit getting used to Windows again, but there were lots of people at work to help. One even came over and helped me set it up.  It was a few years old when I got it and I used it for 6 years, so that is ancient in computer world! I intend to keep it, I doubt it would be good for anyone else. I still have things to burn to CD on it and it has Photoshop Elements 5 on it. The photo prog on this is rubbish…or maybe I’ll discover something when I read the Dummies book! I might run craft programs on it, or I might ship it over to the Smithsonian!

I’m hoping this baby will last as long!

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