Needle snobbery or Needle love???


There is a column I read in Knitting magazine and she wrote about needle snobbery and how she finds herself understanding it better after trying to use old warped needles on a project. I think the column is called Purls of Wisdom.

I am a needle snob! I never was until I bought my Knit Pro set! I love them, never want to use anything else! I have the Symphonie ones,  I love the colors and the pointy points! I have the interchangeable  set with different size cables to use. Now they have come out with Cubix, square needles! I got a couple pair in the short length for small projects and I love them too! This company knows how to make a knitter happy! I would be happier if they were cheaper…but its cheap compared to some other things people seem to need to make them happy! It is liking using works of art!

So, I have a lot to be thankful for…a brand new zippy laptop, some new dolls for my collection and wonderful to use needles to knit with…life is good! Oh, and a wonderful husband and a great daughter and brother who send me cool stuff!

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