One Big Project done, when will it all end!

One Big Project done, when will it all end!

I’ve got my biggest Christmas present project finished! Hoorah! Can’t show it to you yet…its a secret!

I’ve got a couple of other ideas for presents, but they will be made next month. Until then, I’m making little things, possibly for sale, if the Christmas Fair idea works out! I’ll find out next week. But I have yarn and patterns that I’ve had for awhile for ornaments and Christmas brooches for coats..that sort of thing! I’ve completed 10 facecloths and have little guest soaps to put with them. I need a break from that!

I had a breeze through my doll collection pictures. I had forgotten how much clothing I had knitted for them! I’ll have to gather a few together and take a group shot! Some of the things have been sold, but I have plenty left!

Cute little space creatures

They don't talk, they whistle

These are some Clangers I made from the original pattern from the BBC. You can see them on U Tube, just do a search for Clangers. A really cute stop animation show from a long time ago! I find them entertaining! (And I love the narrator’s posh accent!)

That will have to hold you over till I take those doll photos! LOL!


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