Craft Fair!


We are having a craft fair at the library where I go for my knitting group! It was my idea, and now that it is happening, I’m wondering if I will actually make even half of the things I intend! My energy level has suddenly sunk to the centre of the earth!

What is that old adage….be careful what you wish for!

Well, I’ve made 10 cotton knit facecloths in Christmassy colors. I’ve got little soaps to go with them, now I’m thinking of making some sewn, stuffed ornaments, they are quicker and easier to make, so can go for less money! You need to have some very reasonably priced things to attract attention!

I think I lost some excitement when I found we could only do one morning in conjunction with a MacMillan Cancer charity coffee morning. I had hoped for a whole week during library hours, even willing to sit there…our library is small and is closed on Monday and Wednesday(and Sunday) and only open short hours the other days, but still, a lot of people waft in and out.

But I will try to make the best of it, there is always the Saturday market for things that are left. I guess I should be happy I won’t have to make as much! Keeping a table full for a week could be tiring..and hard on the knitting fingers!

That’s why I think I’ll fall back a bit on sewing, I have loads of Christmassy fabric, small quantities of each, so ideal for one of a kind ornaments…or maybe I can get two out of each piece of fabric…fat quarters are what I have mostly.

I don’t think we are in a neighborhood that would go for expensive, lush alpaca scarves and hats for the exorbitant price that would have to be charged for them! (we now have FOUR pound/discount shops in Gravesend) So, the thing would be stocking stuffers that don’t take too much time or materials!

That is the problem with being a handcrafter…Unless you are some big designer name, people just think of your creations as something that should cost very little. The truth is, even if you buy the cheapest yarn and don’t count your time into the price, its hard to have any actual profit. I can buy a knitted scarf at Primark for less that the cost of even the cheaper yarn, and I have! Its nice to put effort into things and have a nice one of a kind thing that you can take pride in wearing, but sometimes you just need something right now and don’t have the time to make it! I learned a while back not to cast pearls before swine, if I know someone won’t appreciate the time and effort that it takes to make something, then I buy their gift!

It will be interesting to see how this works out. I’ll keep you posted!

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