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It’s beginning to look a lot like….


As the gales blow against the windows, creating a fantastic din, I’m thinking white stuff and trees with lights. Well, it used to be traditional in the US for the Christmas season to start the day after Thanksgiving. Now its more like a couple weeks before Halloween!

Me and Santa, I guess I'm about 3-4 there.


l don’t remember exactly how old I was, but I remember always being told by my parents how terrified I was! Don’t you just love the hat? Christmas memories!

Mom and Daughter

Sexy Santa Helpers

And this is what I did to my daughter! K Mart made a mistake and gave us extra sets of these pics (other ones were without the hats) We had enough to paper the walls! That would be a scary room!

My favorite part of the season is the lights! As a child we would get a ride on Christmas Eve all over the neighborhood to see everyone’s decorations. I continued the tradition with my kids. There were some extravagant displays…think National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation! When I first came to England 11 years ago, I was disappointed, not many people put lights outside. But they seem to have caught on! There are some places where you can’t see the actual house for the lighted ornaments etc.

I’ll be getting our tree out soon! We don’t do outdoor lights, I’m afraid of heights and couldn’t get on a ladder high enough! But we have loads of lights for the tree and last year I got a little 3 ft tree and a string of 50 lights for it, for the upstairs! So there will be plenty shining through the windows!

Traditionally, Yule is the season of lights after all!


Craft Fair coming up!


My original idea was to have a week long craft fair at our local library. My hopes were dashed, and I’m glad! We are now having a one morning craft fair, along with a MacMillan Cancer coffee morning.

I don’t know what I was thinking…I could never make enough stuff for a whole week! Even if there wasn’t a big crowd! You still have to be prepared, after all! And I get bored making the same thing over and over. So far I’ve made some face cloths and mug hugs. I plan to do a little sewing too, I have lots of Christmas fat quarters and can get a couple of stuffed ornaments out of each. Quick and easy, so I don’t have to charge an arm and a leg for them!

I’m an optimistic realist. I know that there is a recession on. I also know how many pound shops there are in town…I buy a lot of my decorations there! I know people want to have crafted things, I also know they don’t want to pay much for them…I’ve done this before!

So, I think I’ve made some nice things that can be sold reasonably. And here are just a couple of samples!

The top photo is a facecloth with 2 little gingerbread man guest soaps. The bottom is a mug hug. ¬†Hopefully these will do well…otherwise some family members will have them as stocking stuffers! LOL!

My Unlikely Hero!


A friend of mine (well, actually of my daughter’s) does a blog post every week of her Unlikely hero! I love reading it and in all cases so far I’ve agreed!

But now I have one of my own and I want to extoll his virtues! It’s that long haired Dutchman:

My Hero!

This is Andre Rieu, the king of classical music….or at least of the Strauss Waltz. But he doesn’t just play classical music…he emotes it! He makes it fun and interesting. You have to see him in action. Just hearing the CD is not the whole experience. He exudes enthusiasm. He makes you want to waltz along.

He also plays a lot of popular standards and even throws in a folk tune or modern tune now and again. And musicals! His orchestra wear formal dress…the ladies wear big Viennese Waltz type gowns, the men wear tails. The shows are amazing!

Check him out on U Tube, borrow, rent or buy a DVD. If you don’t like classical music, he will convert you! Ok, so he’s a bit corny now and then…I happen to like corny. Remember other cultures sense of humor can be a bit different!

He has that old world charm! And he’s my age. Too bad we are both already happily married! LOL! My husband likes him too, and isn’t jealous in the least.

Do check him out! You will be entertained!

(apologies to Merry for stealing your idea for a day!)