My Unlikely Hero!


A friend of mine (well, actually of my daughter’s) does a blog post every week of her Unlikely hero! I love reading it and in all cases so far I’ve agreed!

But now I have one of my own and I want to extoll his virtues! It’s that long haired Dutchman:

My Hero!

This is Andre Rieu, the king of classical music….or at least of the Strauss Waltz. But he doesn’t just play classical music…he emotes it! He makes it fun and interesting. You have to see him in action. Just hearing the CD is not the whole experience. He exudes enthusiasm. He makes you want to waltz along.

He also plays a lot of popular standards and even throws in a folk tune or modern tune now and again. And musicals! His orchestra wear formal dress…the ladies wear big Viennese Waltz type gowns, the men wear tails. The shows are amazing!

Check him out on U Tube, borrow, rent or buy a DVD. If you don’t like classical music, he will convert you! Ok, so he’s a bit corny now and then…I happen to like corny. Remember other cultures sense of humor can be a bit different!

He has that old world charm! And he’s my age. Too bad we are both already happily married! LOL! My husband likes him too, and isn’t jealous in the least.

Do check him out! You will be entertained!

(apologies to Merry for stealing your idea for a day!)

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