Monthly Archives: January 2012

2012 is here! (Hide!)


Well, the year is here, the one people claim ends the Aztec Calendar…I’m not bothered, as long as we all go together! (I don’t want anyone to be stuck with the cleaning up!)

I plan to just get on with getting on, doing the best I can and loving my friends and family. What else is there? Things, yep, there are things…I love them in a way, but not as much as people! Or Pets, I love our cats, even if they can be the bane of my existence sometimes!

This one is Bill, he has an abcess on his jaw in this pic, but its fine now. He was a bit lopsided for a bit!

And this is Felix, making himself at home on my husband’s desk. I did say they could be a pain!

The only resolution I’m making this year is to sort out some paperwork I’ve been ignoring! Other things will happen or not whether I make a resolution about it or not! Will this be the year I lose weight and get incredibly this space!

And a Happy, blessed New Year to all, wishing only the best!