News from My Knitty World


Sorry I have been so remiss! Been knitting my fingers to the bone! I can now reveal what I made for my daughter for Christmas:

Made from James C. Brett Marble yarn

It turned out pretty good, and she liked it, or at least she said she did! LOL!

I find myself substituting yarn more often than not, seems knitting isn’t a necessity anymore, but a rich person’s hobby! I can buy most things ready made cheaper than if I make them…this is also true of sewing anymore! But I love to knit, and it gives me a feeling of accomplishment, so I keep doing it! Using substitute yarn, I usually cut the cost by 2/3s.

Currently, I’m making a tunic out of Stylecraft Life Chunky. Its a pattern from the Debbie Bliss Rialto Chunky book..I am making it for about a quarter of  the cost if I used the yarn called for.  It still feels nice and I’m sure it will be warm…and with a great part of Europe under a blanket of snow and our temps here in Southeast England hovering around 0, warm is good! I’ve got about 20 rows to go, its a yoked tunic, so working on the yoke, with all the bits of tunic gathered around me hanging off the needles! Keeps me warm, and what the knitting doesn’t cover, the cat asleep on my right thigh does!

I volunteered to work a shift at the Stitch and Hobbycraft show near me. That was different! Luckily, it was the first day, a Thurs. morning, so wasn’t too busy, glad I’m not there on the weekend! I had a look around, and actually left without buying anything! There are such things as miracles!

I wanted to let people know my favorite reasonably priced yarns that I use to substitute with! James C. Brett, Stylecraft and King Cole are all lovely British companies who provide reasonably priced yarn in most weights. They have never failed me yet! They all offer a variety of  fibres and colors. I have a partiality to the variegated yarns, especially the fair isle effect ones..guess because I just can’t be bothered to learn/do fair isle! I don’t actually care that much for the fair isle designs, but the sock yarns are especially nice for variety in the things I make for my dolls! 

I have a few other projects to go. I bought yarn for a cardi for myself about 2 years ago…a short sleeve aran design, been waiting for a quiet time when I can concentrate on all the patterns in the cardi! Also want to make a poncho and my daughter has ordered a Harry Potter sweater, with her initial! Just wish I knew the spell Mrs. Weasley uses to knit her sweaters!

I’ll try to blog more regularly! Take care!


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