Knitty World of Kate, cont’d


TA DA, I’ve finished it! Looks rather huge all spread out like that! (ok, so it is huge, I needed the largest size) It fits, looks ok on and I have a pair of trousers that it will go nicely with! Success!

I think more than all the knitting and the sewing up, I hate the blocking the most! This is supposed to curl a bit at the edges, but the bottom seems to curl more than necessary. I tried to steam it down, but it insists on flopping up, but maybe when its actually worn, the weight of it will keep it more reasonable!

I have to confess a true love of variegated yarns! Even way back in the stone age, when I used to knit with tree branches, I loved the one or two variegated yarns that were available! I don’t actually like proper fair isle knitted goods, but I love the self patterning yarn!

Right now, I’ve started a poncho using up the left over yarn from my daughter’s Christmas present! Don’t know how I ended up with so much left over, I substituted and went by yardage rather than the weight, but I still had 2 full 200 gram balls left and a few small balls. We could be talking fringed poncho here!

Then, after that, its the Harry Potter sweater…ordered the yarn, it should come in a day or two…then I have to figure out how to make a big J on it…they only give the chart for an H or R. I’ve already decided it will be done in duplicate stitch as I am not keen on intarsia, especially if I have to chart it myself!

And I still have a doll dress to finish…thin yarn on tiny needles! It could take longer than any of the bigger projects!

Well, better get clacking those needles!

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