Even more news from my Knitty World!


In case anyone was wondering, yep, I’m still here! I’ve been carried away with my knitting and spending way too much time playing games on Facebook…and regular PC games as well. Surprised my brain hasn’t turned to mush yet!

But at least I’ve been busy on the knitty front!

The bottom poncho I made for myself with yarn left over from my daughter’s Christmas present. Then when Sid’s daughter saw the picture of mine, she wanted one, so I made the top one, same brand yarn, James C. Brett marble chunky. Its a quick, easy pattern, and has a cable in it, which I like! Its also quite snuggly, I’ve worn it several times now, in fact, its actually been too warm to wear it the last day or so!

And this was made for a friend’s brand new Great Niece! I loved this pattern when I saw it in Knitting magazine, so was happy when a new baby came along! I love self patterning yarn! And I love the colors in this! Its Sirdar Baby Crofter, they call this color Fairy.

I’m still working on the doll dress, I don’t often pick it up right now, and my daughter’s Harry Potter sweater yarn is here waiting for me to cast on! But I have to finish the other small project I let distract me…pictures soon!

Other than that, my life has been rather quiet, knitting group, lunch with a friend, that sort of thing. I think I like it that way, suits my energy level!

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