Monthly Archives: May 2012

Felix V Smudge!


Felix defending his territory!

Felix is the last of the 5 cats who lived here when I moved in. He has always been a scaredy cat, not very often moved to participate in territorial rivalry.

Lately, we’ve been visited by a cat I’ll call Smudge…he has a black spot on his nose…original name, I know! He is a very sweet cat, comes up to the front door and peers in, like he’s watching cat TV! Sometimes he comes to the back door and peers in the cat flap. If you make a move toward him, he runs off. The other day was ground breaking. I saw him on the footpath we use to go to the corner shop, instead of moving toward him, I stayed where I was, bent down and held out my hand and he came up to me and allowed me to pet him! Made my day!

Today, I had the back door open and he came walking up the path, Felix entered the kitchen, saw him and took off at the speed of light! Much hissing and yowling! I couldn’t believe it, I thought they were friends and that when Smudge came into the garden, he was looking for Felix. Guess I was wrong! After I took the picture, I gave Felix a nudge, that gave Smudge a chance to squeeze under the gate and get away. But he stayed there for awhile, I could just see his nose under the gate, and Felix sat there and watched until Smudge went away!

I am hoping this won’t impact on my budding friendship with Smudge! I don’t know if he actually belongs to anyone, sometimes he has a collar and sometimes not! I suppose I really don’t want another cat, but he is so darn cute!