Monthly Archives: June 2012

Spam, spam, spam, spam….


No, I’m not singing the Monty Python song…well, ok, I was thinking it, but this is not what the post is about!

I noticed that I have had 240 spam comments on posts I’ve made on this blog…they are stopped by magic and you have a chance to look at them and delete them. What amazes me about it is that all of them but one or two have been on the same post!

Some are just plain adverts for something or other. But some are obviously written in another language than English and put through Babblefish or some such similar program. They can be quite funny and never have anything at all to do with the post or any other post I’ve made!  It is just mysterious to me why they all pick the post with the picture of my knitted Clangers to comment on?

I guess I’m curious if any other blogger who sees this has similar experiences?