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Beautiful, magical Wales!


View from the front door of our holiday retreat!

I love Wales, if you hadn’t noticed! We stayed at a little place that is a 10 minute walk to the beach, and a 5 minute walk to a pub! There was a little shop up the road in the opposite direction. Perfect! Our usual vacation day is: get up, breakfast (toast, croissants, muffins or crumpets) go out, lunch out, pick up sandwiches for dinner and come back, sit around, read, watch telly, go to bed! Yes, we are living on the edge! But vacation is supposed to be a time to recharge and we all recharge in different ways.

The way through Snowdonia is a bit tricky sometimes. This year a lot of the roads were being resurfaced. Also, poor Sid had a tummy bug that hit when we were already on our way. We stopped a lot! The roads through the mountains are sometimes quite precarious, close to the edge! But the scenery is breathtaking. And there are lots of cute sheep to look at on the way! 


So, when we first got to our holiday haven, Sid went to sleep immediately till the next morning. I read a whole book. Then went to bed. Luckily the next day found his tummy in working order, but we still took it easy. Walked down to the aforementioned pub and had lunch, then walked up to the little shop to get a few things. Came home read, etc.

Monday, we went into Porthmadog, looked in the shops, and road on the West Highland Heritage railway. Its not a long ride, but enjoyable. They had a little railway museum there too. 

On Tuesday, we went to ride the train that runs along the lake at Bala, and of course, stopped in the town to have a look at the shops and had lunch. Bought some socks that say Cymru on them, that’s Welsh for Wales.  Its pronounced Kim-Ree, well, that’s as close as I can get to it.

Well, I had to get at least one train pic in

Wednesday we went to Betsw y Coed. A lovely mountain town. No train, just beautiful scenery…oh and a model train shop and exhibit…well, what can I say, we like trains! There is a water fall right at the top of  the main road in town with a lovely stone bridge over it. Its called Swallow Falls, I’m guessing because there are two bits that come together to make the cascade, like a swallow’s tail. Good ice cream at the little shop! And we had real Welsh Rarebit inWales! LOL!

That’s two pics, not a double falls!

On Thursday we went up Mt. Snowdon which I dealt with in a previous blog!

And Friday was a quiet day, to rest up for the drive back. Another trip into Porthmadog and lunch…it was a really rainy day that day. All in all, we were quite lucky, it rained a lot, but the timing was good, it stopped in the morning for us to go out and continued in the evening.  We even had 2 days without any rain. Quite an accomplishment in Great Britain!

The landlady likes pink




Up Snowdon

Stepping off the train at the top of Snowdon

This is the first view after riding the little mountain railway to the top.

We went to Wales for our holiday last week. My husband is a train lover and I rather like them too! There are loads of heritage train lines in Wales…all over Britain, but I think the largest amount are in Wales.

Now, I’m afraid of heights…but I wanted to go to the top of Mt. Snowdon, not fit enough to walk, but thought the little Snowdon Mountain Railway would be nice. Hmmm, there are several rather scary spots for someone who is not fond of looking down from high places. But it is soooooo beautiful that you have to look, regardless!

Taken from outside the visitor’s centre

A couple of years ago, I saw a program about the newly opened visitor’s centre and wanted to go there ever since. I highly recommend it, even if you have to go up with your eyes closed! (but don’t do that, you would miss so much!) Snowdon is a truly mystical place, and not just Mt. Snowdon, all the mountains are special, I do feel Snowdonia is my spiritual home!

The sheep are not afraid of heights, you see them grazing almost to the top of the mountain. There are farmsteads halfway up.

These little trains have been in service for over 100 years.

The track for the railway was laid in the Victorian era and the some of the trains have been in service the whole time. I think the diesel engines are a little newer. I wonder how the ladies in their big Victorian costumes fit into these little railway cars! Its not the most comfortable ride and takes about 45 minutes to an hour. Weather conditions play a large part in how far up the mountain they can go. Luckily we had a clear, calm day. (it rained most of the time we were in Wales, so this was lucky!)

Not sure who this scary lady is who always gets between me an a camera!

Words just cannot describe this experience adequately, ya just gotta go there!