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Organizing my knitty world!


I have 5 underbed bins of yarn. Plus bags of stuff all over this room and the living room! I didn’t know just how much there was until I decided to consolidate it all. I bought 2 new bins, and they are now almost full and I still have several bags of stuff to go through. I just might be going back and buying one or two more bins…after all, the stack doesn’t quite reach the ceiling…yet!
On the plus side, I can almost walk through the room now. This has been a big issue for me and for the cat. I keep chasing him out while I’m here on the computer, and keep the door shut when I’m not. Its also an issue with my doll collection, there is so much stuff around, I can’t get to their stuff very easily and there is a pile of it to put away, I just can’t be bothered to shuffle things around.
So, instead of boxes on the floor, they are neatly stacked to the ceiling! Build up!
But I just don’t know where all this yarn came from…or do I? Bits and Bobs that were only a pound in the sale bin. That ball or two at the Charity shop. The leftovers from yarn bought with a legitimate purpose!
I was amazed, looking at it all together…colors that were almost the same, more 4 ply yarn than one woman could hope to knit doll clothes from. I’m going to have to knit one gigantic, colorful afgan, or loads of scarves!
Of course, I decided last week to knit hats for soldiers. I went through the yarn in the bins, and only came up with one suitable yarn to use. (my dolls like bright colors, and I needed dark) So, that necessitated a yarn shop!
I have started a bag of unused balls to take over to my knitting group to see if I can foist any of it onto them! Wish me luck!


Living Lo Carb, First Doctor’s Visit!


Now I know you are supposed to check with your doctor first before beginning a diet, but he was on holiday…and I was afraid he would try to discourage me! So, 4 weeks ago I took my fate into my own hands and began the New Atkins for a New You way of eating. I’m now beginning week 5 and am quite happy with the results of the past month. Now my doctor is back from his holiday and I was overdue for my 6 month diabetes check up.

First of all, I want to express sympathy for our doctors. They must feel truly frustrated when people (like me) don’t want to be healthy…we don’t want to change, just take more tablets to enable us to not change our lifestyle. To dedicate your life to helping people be well and then find out they don’t want to do what it takes, must be devastating on some level. It’s not their fault! We are in charge of ourselves, no one else can do it for us!

I went through over 2 years of  a diabetes diagnosis in denial. I was taking 2 metformin, twice a day, the maximum dose is 5 and I was taking 4, I knew if I didn’t do something I’d be put on insulin eventually. Even that wasn’t enough!

What did it? The BBC programs The Men Who Made Us Fat. It pissed me off how the food industry preys on people and ruins their health. All the processed food, ready meals with names no one can pronounce! Soda sweetened with High Fructose Corn Syrup…or aspartame…just as bad really! Then I started to read, I highly recommend The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living by Stephen Phinney and Jeff Volek. It was actually written for health professionals, so some might go over your head ( it did mine!) but there is plenty of understandable information there. This was recommended to me by a facebook friend who has been lo carb for 3 years.  Then I read Wheat Belly by Dr. Davis. Highly recommended reading for everyone really! But especially for diabetics or prediabetics.

So, the outcome of my doctors visit..about time I got round to that!

Good, everything was good! Blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, the lot! And of course, the weight loss! I told him what I was doing and he had no objection, said it was a good way to lose weight! So, my fears were unfounded. He agreed to the halving of my metformin dose, one twice a day now, but wants me to continue other meds for the time being. I had already halved my metformin on my own after having a few sessions of low blood sugar symptoms. I did tell him and he was fine with it. I think I made his day, a patient who actually was doing something positive to improve their own lot!

So, do your doctor (and yourself) a favor and take charge of yourself today!

It’s a Lifestyle Choice!


About a month ago, I made a very important decision. Its been a long time coming, and took a lot of work, but I decided to radically alter the way I look at and eat food.

The word diet is misused a lot. Mostly its just the food we eat. If we are vegetarians, we are on a vegetarian diet, or a vegan diet, etc. Diet actually has little to do with weight loss, but somehow the word is associated with deprivation and misery.

I have found that to be false, there is no deprivation or misery for me, I have changed how and what I eat and I feel fine, thank you very much! And it has the added bonus that I just happen to be losing weight and keeping my blood sugar just where it should be. (I am diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic)

So, what has caused me to make this radical change and just what is this radical change? As the meerkat on the adverts says, ” Simples”. I watched some television programs and read some books. And I guess the time was right for me to hear the message…because I’ve heard this message before, I had the information, but now I had the extra oomph of being angry!

I was already reading the book, The Blood Sugar Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman. There was a Horizon special about exercise on telly, which was quite informative, but the one that really did it was the BBC shows called The Men Who Made Us Fat. And what I learned from them really pissed me off and I determined that Big Food and Big Diet corporations were not going to make more money from me. I am using the plan in the New Atkins for a New You book, I have gone lo carb and eat only real food. I do indulge in Atkins snack and meal replacement bars on occasion, but intend to give that up as I add new foods to my regimen.

I eat no processed food, and even though I could have them, I’ve given up diet soda. I drink water. I make unsweetened ice tea with a regular tea bag and a fruity tea bag, its delicious. I drink sparkling water with a slice of lemon or lime in it for a real treat.  In all I drink over 2 litres a day. I used to drink that in soda…sugary soda. I gave that up when I was told I was diabetic and then started drinking diet soda, I did buy the store brand stuff made with sucralose, it tasted better! Not really sure if it is better, chemically.

I’ve done the 2 week induction phase and lost 14lbs- and 3 inches off my waist. I’m now in the ongoing program where you gradually add other foods and this week I get to eat nuts! Next week is berries. I’ve collected recipes for lo carb baking using coconut flour and /or ground almonds.  I have bacon and eggs for breakfast, big salad with whatever protein I fancy on it, for lunch and protein and a cooked veg for dinner. I can have two snacks a day, cheese, nuts, berries etc. I have been at an outdoor event and resisted the ice cream vendor. We get kebabs delivered on Sat. evenings for dinner and I have tossed out the pita and just ate the grilled chicken breast and the salad bits.

Now even though I’m using the Atkins plan and have read Dr. Hyman’s book, I haven’t bought into their corporations either. They both have websites where you can get recipes and they have chats and both sell expensive supplements etc. I buy my supplements from our health food store. Its Cheaper!

I have a friend on facebook who has eaten this way for 3 years and she has been a big help. She has a page called My Low Carb Lifestyle.  There is a blog by a woman named Zoe Harcombe which is very informative. You can google lo carb recipes and get loads of stuff, all for free!  I am building up quite a pile of recipes! (faster than I can make them!)

I eat no flour/wheat products. I do remember when I gave them up once before that my sinuses cleared up and I am experiencing that again. One author felt it was better to refer to insulin resistance as carbohydrate intolerance and I like that, its certainly how it works for me. I had noticed if I had just toast in the morning, any kind of toast, granary, white etc. , that I had a high blood sugar reading. But, if I ate protein with my toast, even if it was just spreading peanut butter on it, then my reading was normal.

The carbohydrate issue is one that the Diabetes UK does not address, neither does the NHS. And this all has to do with the Big Food corporations, they don’t want us to know that they are literally killing us with the ingredients and processes they use. Watch those programs if you can, they might still be available on the BBC site, or google Zoe Harcombe’s site, she has done very in depth synopsis of all three shows.  Read books. The new Atkins book is by a couple of authors, the main one being Dr. Stephen Phinney, they also wrote another book called the Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living. I have it on my Kindle. Its a detailed scientific look at this lifestyle and the book is intended for health care workers. Its very interesting. I don’t pretend to understand every single thing, but I got enough out of it to reinforce my decision!

So, are you with me???