Organizing my knitty world!


I have 5 underbed bins of yarn. Plus bags of stuff all over this room and the living room! I didn’t know just how much there was until I decided to consolidate it all. I bought 2 new bins, and they are now almost full and I still have several bags of stuff to go through. I just might be going back and buying one or two more bins…after all, the stack doesn’t quite reach the ceiling…yet!
On the plus side, I can almost walk through the room now. This has been a big issue for me and for the cat. I keep chasing him out while I’m here on the computer, and keep the door shut when I’m not. Its also an issue with my doll collection, there is so much stuff around, I can’t get to their stuff very easily and there is a pile of it to put away, I just can’t be bothered to shuffle things around.
So, instead of boxes on the floor, they are neatly stacked to the ceiling! Build up!
But I just don’t know where all this yarn came from…or do I? Bits and Bobs that were only a pound in the sale bin. That ball or two at the Charity shop. The leftovers from yarn bought with a legitimate purpose!
I was amazed, looking at it all together…colors that were almost the same, more 4 ply yarn than one woman could hope to knit doll clothes from. I’m going to have to knit one gigantic, colorful afgan, or loads of scarves!
Of course, I decided last week to knit hats for soldiers. I went through the yarn in the bins, and only came up with one suitable yarn to use. (my dolls like bright colors, and I needed dark) So, that necessitated a yarn shop!
I have started a bag of unused balls to take over to my knitting group to see if I can foist any of it onto them! Wish me luck!

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