Still Alive and Kicking…the Lo Carb way!


Lost 2 more pounds! This is much more slow going than when I did Atkins years ago. But to give myself credit, I wasn’t taking all this medication back then! In all the reading I’ve done, the meds I’m on (and that so many diabetics are on) actually work against weight loss. I have cut all my pills in half, except the metformin, I’ve already gone to half dose of that which means 2 tablets a day instead of 4. My sugars seem fine, my blood pressure has stayed lower and I can’t check my own cholesterol numbers, so I just have to trust they are still fine!

I’ve learned to make bready type things out of ground almonds and/or coconut flour. My husband even doesn’t mind them. But he still eats basically normal. I do use Atkins bars for snacks and sometimes meal replacements when I just don’t know what to eat. Also, if we go out to a model railway show, or an outdoor event, I take an Advantage bar and a bottle of water, beats the yuckky half done burgers they usually sell at these things!

I recommend the Kris Kris Forum to anyone who is contemplating or starting the Low Carb lifestyle. Its a very encouraging, positive place and very informative also.

So, 23lbs gone, lots more to go, but I can do this!

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