Knitty Doll World


Some of my bigger dolls in their autumnal duds

Yes, my name is Kate and I’m a doll addict. And I don’t want to stop! I love my dolls, and I love to make them things. Its a cheap way to experience lots of different beautiful yarns. The dolls in this picture are, from left to right, Daphne Dimples, Madra Lord, Tonner’s American Model (I named her LouAnne) Violet Waters and Sydney…forgot her last name….I call her Natasha anyway!

Madra and Violet are from the Gene Marshall line, they are from the Ashton-Drake collection, Gene has since moved on to Integrity and Jason Wu. Daphne, Sydney and LouAnne are from the Tonner Doll Company.  LouAnne is 22″ tall and the others are 16.

I also have quite a few Barbies and Barbie sized dolls. I have a 13″ Tonner Revlon doll and about 12 or 13 Tiny Kitty Collier dolls, and I knit for them all!

Rowena in her blue ice princess outfit!

This is my Revlon doll. Years ago, I had a Little Miss Revlon, she was about 10″ tall, Tonner has done some repro dolls that size and came out with this lady as well. Mine only has one bought outfit, it was a gift. I bought her some shoes and proceeded to make her some clothing. She is just that much bigger than Barbie that she can’t wear much of those clothes, some of the stretchy things I knitted will fit her. But I made this one specifically for her.

Inspired by the Scandanavian mystery stories we have been inundated with here!

I made this for LouAnne last week, she will wear it again later in the season. I ordered some fabric to make her some jeans.

Used a self patterning sock yarn for this number!

Made this dress for Daphne earlier in the year.  These are fun to knit, I like to see how the pattern establishes itself!

In the top picture, Daphne is wearing a green ballet style cardigan that ties at the side. I made that a couple of years ago. Sydney is wearing my version of the Barbie outfit Sweater Girl from the late 50’s, early 60’s. I had the original back then, unfortunately, moths ate the twinset! It was an orange twinset with a grey flannel wrap skirt and came with a little wooden bowl with tiny balls of yarn and knitting needles. The skirt I made is knitted, didn’t have any grey flannel.

I have loads of old pictures of things I’ve made for Barbie and co. I store them on CD’s but am thinking of doing a big thing on Flicker. Since organizing my yarn supplies, I have re-discovered yarn I forgot I had and I want to knit with it, but also enjoy the things I made in the past. Quite a few of them have gone to new homes, I did sell quite a lot when I first started knitting for dolls, but then lots of people started to do it and I stopped. I still made things for myself, and occasional commissions from friends.

I also took a breather from dolly knits and made real people things! But now I’m ready to go again, its such a pleasure to finish a project in a couple of evenings and sometimes in a couple of hours.

Rowena is getting a new jacket, hat and scarf next, and of course, a skirt to go with it. Then I have lots of other ideas for wintery outfits, so much yarn, so little time!



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