Using Up Yarn Stash


TK models my latest tweedy fashion

Ok, so I’ve been trying to use up some of this yarn stash I have. Some time ago, I found this 4 ply Rowan tweed at Hobbycraft, on clearance for £1 a hank! Anyone familiar with Rowan knows what a bargain that was! I  bought 10 hanks, they are 25 grams each, but since its such a thin light yarn, there is lots of yardage (meterage) to each hank, so it makes a lot of doll clothes! The multi color on the top, I’ve had for ages, got a whole cone from ebay, wound a bunch off and then re-sold the cone!

Rowena models some new outerwear

Even though I’ve spent a week dedicated to using up the two hanks of brown tweed, there is still a small amount left! When making clothing for dolls, it goes a long way!

The big girls are ready for fall too!

This outfit I made for LouAnne (centre) was the first one I made. I also made the green sweater on the left and the orange twin set and grey skirt on the right, they were made a few years ago.

I still have some of the brown tweed left!

A different brown yarn!

I took a break from the tweed and made this. The top is made from perle cotton embroidery floss and the skirt is a heather tone brown sock yarn. I’ve been a busy girl. Try as I might there is still a little of that brown left too…

And instead of lessening my stash, I had to order a couple balls of navy and denim blue yarn to make a cardigan for a friend’s doll! I guess the saying is true, never too much yarn!




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