More Dolly Knits…still going….



I’ve been knitting up a storm for my girls! Soon I will have to go into Christmas outfit mode, I think I’ve pretty much done the autumn thing!  I used the owl motif from a pattern for mitts that I made, of course it came out smaller with 4 ply yarn and tiny needles, just right for doll clothes! I made the trousers too, but the less said about my sewing skills, the better!

Tiny Kitty got a Halloween outfit, again, my sewing skills have deteriorated, and the knitted shrug isn’t the best thing I’ve done either, but they look ok.  Have one more dress to make for one of my 16″ girls,then I go on to the winter stuff!

Emme's new Red dress


This is actually more wintry than autumnal, but I liked the yarn a lot, red variegated from Colinette and small company in Wales. You will be seeing more of their yarn!


Like right here! I love fall colors and even bought another skein of this…for next year! LOL!


This is another color of their yarn, I love their colors, always bright and vivid. I made the trousers, these turned out better than other things I’ve made!


Now this skirt is from someone who can sew! Jackie from Katz Meow, makes lovely doll clothes, lined, the works! They look almost as good on the inside as on the outside. Unfortunately, the color didn’t show up as well, its sort of a medium brown and the twin set is more beige, it looks a bit grey here. She also made a chocolate brown cord skirt, I have made another twin set for it, but it still needs to be blocked, so will go in a future post!

My dolls are doing very well right now! I will be knitting for me after Christmas…I’m still losing weight and want to knit smaller things for spring…I’ll go baggy for the winter!

I love knitting for dolls, its mostly a case of instant gratification! And adult sweater usually takes a couple of weeks, these take one or two evenings! Also, a ball of really nice expensive yarn goes a long way! I won’t pay £70 for yarn for myself, but £5 for a ball for the dolls isn’t bad! And quite often I find one ball of something in the bargain bin because its the last of that dye lot…win!

Well, I best get back to my knitting, I don’t have the powers of Mrs Weasley to make my needles do it by themselves!


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  1. Lovely work Kate, I like the trousers and the dress you made it looks really cute on Tiny Kitty.
    My sewing isn’t the best either, it looks ok from the outside but don’t look at the inside.
    I have made stuff for me and I finish it better, but dolly clothes is so small, I can’t be bothered to finish the edges as long as it stays together LOL’s
    Loretta x

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