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Tis the Season!


carollersDeck those halls! I’ve started decking and will probably continue up till Christmas day…maybe even beyond!

I’m keeping an album of my progress on my Flicker page:

Not much there yet, but there will be! Its an ongoing project.

I am a pagan by nature, that means I celebrate everything! I grew up with Christmas and I love the lights, decorations, etc, so continue decorating in that vein. But I celebrate Yule, or Winter Solstice more than Christmas. A lot of what are considered Christian traditions actually stem from the pagan celebrations of the old days. (mistletoe anyone?)

hollykingThis is the Holly King and may be one of the inspirations for Santa.

The Winter Solstice is the basis of most light celebrations. All people welcomed the return of the sun and the growing season. I know I love the little bit of extra light we get every day after the solstice! It was a short hop, skip and jump from the return of the sun to the return of the Son!

Yuletide blessings to you all!




Living La Vida Lo Carb…still….


Sorry I haven’t been around, can’t even use the excuse that I’m busy, just lazy!

I’ve been honing my baking with ground almonds and/or coconut flour skills!  Even the weeks I don’t seem to lose any weight don’t bother me, I truly don’t mind eating this way!

To get everyone up to speed…I’ve lost a total of 45 lbs now. I wear smaller sized clothing. I still wear some of my big stuff around the house. I’ve tried to not go overboard on buying new stuff as I intend to get smaller still! My Christmas goal is to lose 7 more pounds and then I’ll weigh less than I have for many years, under 200lbs. But I won’t go to any extreme lengths in order to do this, there are weeks when the loss just doesn’t happen, for whatever reason, but I know eventually it will go down again.

I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. I look at all the Christmas treats, and I have brainwashed myself to not want them! Not a hard job when you have read the books I’ve read and followed the forums I’ve found. I know what those things do to me (and everyone!) I choose not to let that happen any more! I am satisfied with what I eat and with the much smaller amounts I seem to be consuming. Not by denying myself, just because I don’t want any more.

I have two things I have for treats. Dark chocolate, just one square (1/10 of a bar) with a dab of peanut butter on it. I got some of the 85% cocoa yesterday (usually get the 70%) and it was fine, and even less carbs. There is a small amount of sugar in it, but not that it actually tastes sweet.  The other thing is the occasional Atkins lo carb bar. I don’t eat them every day, in fact only once or twice a week. They are the most processed thing I eat. I was using them quite a bit, but I don’t like how processed they are, just look at the ingredients label and you will see what I mean! But they can be tasty and a good thing to stick in your bag if going out.

We are having a small family do for Christmas, actually the Sunday before, and I’m having fun gathering the food and treats. I guess I should make them eat like me for a day, but I want them to come back!

One thing to remember when following any kind of different eating style…you can’t make other people do it too! I don’t force my husband, he gets his regular meals, but is happy to eat the deserts I make, so that’s something! I am hoping eventually he will get more interested, he has had some problems controlling his blood sugar, but isn’t yet at the place where he will stop eating bread etc.  Everyone has to do things at their own time. Took me ages to decide to do this and I’m very happy I did. I try not to look back with regret that I hadn’t done it sooner, no use living in the past! I’m doing it now and that’s what is important!