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New Girl in Town

Looking so harmless

Looking so harmless



So, we have a new cat around the house, a girl cat for a change. Her name is China and she is the she cat from hell sometimes and a very sweet girl at others!

The male cats tremble in her presence, that would be our Felix and the neighbor’s cat who comes in for snacks a couple times a day (I have christened him Smudge, but they call him something different…he told me his name was Smudge) I thought because she is a girl that the males would adapt easily and like her, but not to be….

She can howl"

She can howl”

You can see here that she can yowl a lot! She talks constantly, which makes it nice that she sleeps a lot!

China is a British short hair, lilac point. Colored like a Siamese, and talks a lot, but her face is decidedly not like a Siamese! She is a rescue kitty, rescued by Sid’s daughter, and now that she has to move, we are looking after her until a new place is found, or forever, whichever it turns out to be.

She has gone after Felix and I have reprimanded her, but she doesn’t seem to pay attention! Same with litter box usage, she thinks the whole house is hers. I guess she is registering disapproval at being re-homed, especially with a male cat. She should be used to it as she had to contend with males before, but sadly they died and she has been on her own for awhile.

She can be very sweet and climbs up in our laps in the evening a watches TV with us, or sleeps, same thing! When she wants food, she follows me around yowling until I give in…she always has some nibbly bits in her bowl, but demands better stuff, and gets it, we have to give her a tablet and hide it in a bit of ham, corned beef or cheese! It doesn’t always work, there are days when it takes a few tries, I think its a ploy to get more goodies on her part!

She has been here over a month now, hopefully she will settle in better and start using the litter box! (and stop attacking Felix!)