Monthly Archives: May 2013

A Gardener I am not!


Ok, I don’t have anything against gardens, I just don’t like bugs and creepy crawlies so think its not a great idea to play in the dirt!

I do go out and chop things down on occasion, but they get out of hand quickly! Its a jungle out there! So, recently I asked our neighbor, who works for a landscaping company if he would like a side job.

He has done in hours what it would take me a year to do..of course, he has the tools of a professional! The back is almost empty now and the front is getting along nicely! I was even inspired to go to a garden centre recently!

I’ve decided the way to go is containers! We have several already that were full of weeds, so won’t have to lay out a lot of moolah! After buying expensive plants at the centre, I then went into town and trolled through the pound shops and Wilkinson’s. Then had to text my husband to please stop somewhere and purchase large bags of compost to plant things in!

I’ve even started some seedlings…got a sunflower “kit” at the pound shop last week and they have already sprouted! And I noticed my cherry tomatoes peeping up this morning! I know I’m a little late with this, but I figure the way nature is this year, everything will run a little late anyway!

The wind has been howling and the rain driving down, and there is an icy feel in the air even though its well above the freezing point, The first day I brought the new plants home, I brought them indoors in the late evening because the wind was so nasty. Last night it was calm so I left them out. Of course, an hour after going to bed, the wind kicked up and the rain came down and I lay there worrying about the plants! I got up this morning and went down to tend them and they were just fine! (most of them had been outdoors at the garden centre).

So, I have the compost, containers, plants, bulbs, seedlings, copper tape to put around containers, (to repel snails and slugs), ready to go! I will start with the many sunflower seedlings, they need to go in the peat pots I got. Then when they are a bit bigger, I can put the couple I will keep in the ground and give the rest away. I don’t think our little patch can take 20 sunflowers!

If the rain stays away, maybe I’ll even get out to put something in a container! Just call me Mother Nature, LOL!