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The little sisters!


The little sisters!

Yesterday I posted my 18″ dolls in their Easter outfits. Now its the little sisters turn! Holly, in the centre is a Designa Friend 14″ little sister doll. The other two are Simba Madeleine dolls, also 14″. I have a 13″ Les Cherie doll on her way to me. They make a nice addition to my dolly family!
I’m not entirely sure how WordPress is working now. Its so different in the few months that I have been ignoring it! (well, not on purpose, just didn’t get around to it!) I used to be able to write a blog, and put several pics in it, but not sure if that can happen now, or how much I’m really allowed to write in this description space!


Its been awhile!


I guess I just felt I didn’t really have much to say lately. I’d think of all sorts of clever things, but when I got up here and sat in front of my laptop, nothing came! 

I’m still Lo Carb, still collecting dolls, still knitting for me and my dolls. I’ve been trying to garden, but my knees and back are not very co-operative! 

So, I’ll just show you some pictures of what I’ve been up to!

I can tell its been a long time,everything about posting here seems to have changed! Hope the picture comes up!