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Attention Knitting and Craft magazine editors!


Alright already, enough with the mug hugs, cowls and fingerless mitts! And the toys…..I would rather have sensible, stylish knits and maybe some doll clothes! And the free gifts! NO! Make the magazine cheaper and forget the extra patterns for mug hugs, cowls and fingerless mitts…oh, and the lacy shawlettes that barely cover your shoulders, or the capelets that barely cover anything. 

One or some of these things once in awhile is ok, but several in each issue. I have the feeling that there just isn’t anything new for you to publish. 

I mostly buy the magazines (and I buy them all!) to see the new yarns and gadgets. I rarely read the history of knitting articles, I like pictures of sheep and alpacas, but rarely read the articles. I like some of the columnists, the ones with a sense of humour! 

I now have a retractable tape measure for every room and every project bag. I have row counters for several projects, but only two of them work properly. (one works properly, but the holes to see the numbers through are so small one would need a microscope to see what the number is) Also, the cheap plastic and warped bamboo needles are not necessary. Thanks to your magazines I have discovered the ultimate joy of knit pro needles! 

I also don’t need parcels of small balls of cheap acrylic yarn. I’ve got a whole storage bin of it. They are not even enough for doll clothes, unless I do a lot of stripes. 

And please don’t show me the god awful things they put on the catwalk! They mostly look like the cat shredded them. I guess its good for a laugh, but nothing that anyone would actually wear out shopping!

I keep thinking I will cancel my subscriptions and save a lot of money…money I could use on yarn!  But there is that feeling that something really good will appear in a magazine and I’ll miss it!

But as the prices go up, I see less value in the magazines. There are so many ads, and I don’t mind that, but I’m sure they must pay the actual cost of printing. I’m also sure most of the patterns are given to the magazines to print as they are good advertisements for the yarn companies. I hardly even actually knit anything from the magazine, but often buy patterns that I see in the advertisements! So, I pay for the magazine and then pay for patterns that aren’t in it but are shown in the ads. 

Methinks I must rethink my magazine purchases!