Picnic on the beach


Picnic on the beach

My favorite colors for the summer are red,white and blue, they are also my favorite colors, period! For those who don’t know, I am orginally from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. I moved to the UK in the year 2000. I’m happy both my countries have these colors as national colors…I can seem patriotic on both sides of the Atlantic! LOL! Actually my love of these colors has to do with the nautical connotation more than patriotism. I love nautical themes in clothing, housewares, etc. Can’t say I’ve spent an inordinate time on a boat, but I love the sea!
So, I’ve combined my love of these colors with my love of knitting and my doll collection…which I also love! So, I’ve been making things and redressing my many dolls in red, white and blue!
This picture is of my 18″ dolls, I have American Girl, Gotz, Designa Friend, Madame Alexander and Sophia dolls in this size. They are celebrating all the summer holidays for the US and the UK! (and any other country that has these colors…) We are a multinational household.

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