New Boy In Town, Meet Alister!



Here is my newest doll, Alister. He is a Kidz n Cats doll from Germany. I have another boy doll named Josh who is a Designa Friend from Argos, I have two of their girl dolls in this size as well, and one of their 14″ little sister dolls. But Alister is one of a kind, he is the same height, even though he does seem to be just slightly shorter, and his head is smaller, more in keeping with his slimmer body style. He has elbow, knee and wrist joints, even though they are a bit stiff since he is so new. 


Here he is next to Josh, part of it is a perspective thing, I took the picture from an angle, but you can see he does look smaller and I checked with the tape measure and he does seem about 1/2 inch shorter. Mostly the big heads on the others I think! 

He came in a beautiful outfit, so well made, but so hot! And everyone else was in their beach wear! LOL! I had made an outfit for him in anticipation of his arrival, but the top was way too big. Kit is standing next to him wearing it and its even slightly big on her! The shorts fit him fine, so I had to get busy and make a new top!


Here he is when he arrived, see, he does look hot! Isla took an instant liking to him and even managed to fall right on top of him while I was putting his beach clothes on! She always was an assertive one! 

I’ve waited for Alister for a long time. By the time I decided I wanted him last year, he was sold out. I was happy to hear that he was being made again this year, and pre-ordered him immediately! The boy dolls are hard to come by, they sell out quickly and people just don’t sell them on that often! I’ve also pre-ordered one of the new girl dolls in this range, Miu, she isn’t due out till August, but because she is different looking, I wanted to be sure I got one! Each of these dolls come with a little stuffed cat, you can see Alister’s in his bucket! I call him Oliver! 


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