Weekend Journey, Pt. 1, York


We went for a weekend coach trip, headed for the Edinburgh Tattoo on Saturday night. We had to get up and get the local bus at 7am to meet the coach in the next town. The coach was late, combination of traffic and mix up. But we finally got on and got settled, its not a short trip from Gravesend to Scotland! We weren’t actually staying in Scotland, but 3 hours away from Edinburgh in Middlesborough. On the way there, we stopped in York, which is a lovely city, famous for the York Minster, a lovely cathedral. ¬†I’m sure my picture doesn’t do it justice! We had a lovely Cherry Crumble at a cafe called Wacker’s!


minsterfromsquareIt was a pretty day, and I would definitely want to go back there and hang out for a couple of days!


The architecture is interesting and there are lovely statues all around, this little figure of Minerva is on the corner of a building, at the juncture of the ground and 1st floor! You have to look up a lot!


My husband, Sid is in the lower left of this photo, I hit the auto sharpen to make him less fuzzy and it makes the cathedral look like its outlined! I didn’t realize he had wandered into the photo until I was “fixing” them up for the computer! I didn’t have the heart to crop him out!

This square is to one side of the Minster and on the other is a lovely park, called Dean’s Park with a war memorial to the 2nd division. There is a big statue of Constantine who was actually made Emperor here in York. (many years ago!) And a Boer War memorial just down the street which is quite nice.

I highly recommend York for anyone visiting England!

We finally made it to our hotel around 6:30pm. They had free WiFi, but for some reason, my phone didn’t want to know. I had my Kindle with me and was able to connect and check email, but didn’t feel like messing around with the internet after all that bus riding!

To be continued…..



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