Weekend Trip,Pt. 3: Edinburgh Royal Military Tattoo


This is where the magic happens! Its finally time for the show, the reason for the whole trip! I have to say, we have all the DVD’s of all tattoos that have been recorded! It was nice to see one in person and the weather cleared up nicely for the performance! The place is well set up and even though the stands are not permanent, they are sturdy and even have handrails along the long steps up! I have an issue with heights, so that meant a lot to me!
The bus left us off down the hill from the castle, traffic was cordoned off because of the long line to get in. So, we had a little trek up. It rained a bit going up the hill so we had our plastic ponchos on. I was also impressed when we got in that they had ample toilet facilities, much better than any permanent stadium I’ve been to!
Luckily for the performers, the rains stopped. They had no cover, and would have had soggy costumes, uniforms and instruments, this does not get cancelled due to weather! drummersdrumming




I only took a few pictures of the goings on, mostly because I made promises of pics of men in kilts to friends! We will buy the DVD of the performance when it comes out in October.
As I said, the weather cleared up and it was brighter out at 9pm than at any time during the day! We were at the early performance, there was another to go, so I’m glad the bands didn’t get soggy!
We had to race back to the bus, as we had another 3 hour drive to get back to the hotel. Got there around 1:30am, told to be ready to go by 10:30am, so right to bed!
To be Continued!


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