Weekend Away, Pt. 4: Harrogate and home!


We left the hotel around 10:30am, got to sleep in since we got in late the night before and the drivers have to have a certain rest time by law…that was ok by us! Had the usual breakfast buffet and got our baggage down to the reception area and loaded on!
Harrogate is about 1-2 hours from the hotel, so we were there in time for lunch. We opted to not eat, just had coffee and some shortbread, as breakfast had been quite filling. We had another rest stop before hitting home, so figured we would eat then.
We were dropped off in Harrogate right across from this war memorial. Its a lovely little town, I didn’t take that many pictures as we were mostly in the shopping area, a nice pedestrian area. Had a good look around, but only bought coffee, a magazine and a pen that had owls on it that was reduced! We didn’t actually buy that much on the whole trip, mostly lunch and/or dinner!
This is the only other picture I kept, a lovely planting and view. I had taken a few others, but they were not that great, and it got dark and started to drizzle just as it was time for us to go!
So, we were on the last leg of the journey home! We stopped at the motorway services and had dinner, just a short stop that time as we were all anxious to get home by then! We got back to Dartford around 8:30pm, and had contacted Sid’s son to pick us up as the local bus service runs only once an hour on Sunday evening and we had missed one by 12 minutes! He was right there, so an uneventful trip from Dartford to Gravesend!
Felix the cat was glad to see us home…regular feedings! LOL! He was looked after for the 3 days, but is used to getting fed on demand rather than once a day! He has a bowl of nibblys and big bowl of water at all times, but seems to think he should have wet food every hour or so!
So, now laundry is all done, everything put away, and life returns to normal…for now!


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