Weekend in Wales!


The end of September we went on a coach trip to Wales, my birthday was on the 25th and we left the next morning, a Friday.
I wish I could tell you that the journey was uneventful, but the coach was 45 minutes late, which is to be expected since it was morning rush hour. Things were going ok, but then we hit some road works, so that was a bit slow, but at least we were still moving. Then, we were at a standstill! A lorry had caught fire somewhere ahead of us. It took awhile, but it was finally clear and we were on our way again. Our inconvenience was nothing compared to the lorry fire! We passed the ashy remains collapsed on the side of the road, I said a silent prayer that the driver got out ok. I think the site of it also silenced some of the mouthy people who were moaning about the delay!
Coach drivers have very stringent regulations to follow about how long they can drive before having a break and so on. Its a good thing, really, after all, we are putting our lives into their hands! So, even though we were running behind schedule quite a bit by then, we still had to stop for breaks. We were supposed to have checked into our hotel around 4, but it was almost 9 when we got there. They were very nice, they usually served dinner at 7:30, but they gave us a full meal and it was very nice!
The hotel was called the Westminster and it is right on the Rhyll seafront. We did go and have a short look around the next morning, but there wasn’t really much time to investigate as we had a tour schedule to keep!

After a good night’s sleep and a lovely breakfast, we set off in the coach once again, going to Llandudno to catch a train to Blaneau Ffestiniog to catch a steam train that would take us down to Porthmadog. (I do hope I’m spelling all these Welsh names right!)
Sid and I had been to Llandudno a couple of years ago, good thing, since we didn’t really have any time to spare. They have added a few things, I was able to snap a quick pic of the new Alice wooden sculture, it is across the street from the rail station. Lewis Carroll met the little girl who inspired his writing in Llandudno.

We had also been on the Ffestiniog train before, but a steam train ride is always an acceptable way to spend some time! The scenery in Snowdonia is amazing! I love the mountains, and seeing them out of a train window is a most civilized way to experience them!
Once we reached the end of the line, the coach was there to meet us and take us the 10 minute journey to Portmeirion. Fans of the original Prisoner TV series will know it! Its a lovely little village built in an Italianate style, nestled along the shoreline. All the buildings are unique. Quite a few are privately owned, by millionaires! Some house shops and eating establishments. There is a pottery line called Portmeirion, it is actually made somewhere else, but was designed by the daughter of the man who designed the village. Its worth a google to find out about this place!


As you walk through the village, there are little gems hidden all over, beautiful arches, statues, paintings. Its the best art museum ever!




Lots of fountains, and there is a hotel down at the beach. It is my dream to go there and stay!
After an afternoon of walking around there, we headed back on the coach to another lovely meal at the hotel and an evening of telly and knitting! And sleep, ah yes, sleep!


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  1. What fun! I’ll have to take a closer look at this town. It doesn’t seem like something you’d find in Wales at all! Thanks for sharing.

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