Got My Mojo Workin’


I haven’t had a space to sew for years now! I have finally made one, its messy, but at least I can sit at my machine and make little things for my doll collection. Ok, I admit I did try to make something for me, but since I’ve lost weight, I seem to not be able to judge properly and it didn’t work out at all! I can buy things that are fine, but since the patterns are American and I’m wearing British sizes I couldn’t work out which one I should make! But I got a simpler pattern and am willing to give it a go again…now that I’ve had some practice on doll clothes!
I started making simple skirts and trousers for the dolls, just a rectangle gathered onto elastic and one seam for the skirts and a simple two pieces of fabric pj type of pants for the trousers.

I then felt brave enough to do some test sewing for a friend who was drafting a pattern for our small dolls.
Then I made the boys new shirts and a simple dress and pinny for one of the girls, the other one is modelling the simple reversible skirt I made earlier.
I also bought a few things made by a friend, and got some helpful hints from her.
We are doing a KAL…knit along…in Ravelry, for dolly sleepover. I have resisted making nightwear for my dolls, since they mostly stand around and look pretty, but I decided I would join in. I didn’t want to knit everything, it takes a long time, and with my newly acquired sewing mojo I decided to sew the big stuff and knit slippers! I still have one nightie to go, but here is the one complete night time outfit I’ve made so far.
Soon it will be time to get the dolls ready for Christmas! I love Christmas fabrics and decorations! I even found a re-release of a sewing pattern for decorations that I used to have many years ago! Who knows what I will get up to in the next couple of months!


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