Monthly Archives: November 2014

Going “Up North”


A few months ago my best friend here in the UK moved from lovely sunny Kent back to Lancashire. I miss our Friday lunches and trips through all the Charity shops in town! Luckily there is email to keep us connected.
Last month my husband and I drove up for a short visit. We really only stayed one full day, drove up on Saturday, and back on Monday. But a good time was had by all, at least I hope so! It is always good to see a friend in person!
She has a lovely house and an overactive, sweet Jack Russell Terrier.
The only full day was Sunday and we went for a ride on the local heritage railway. atstation
We didn’t travel the whole line, just to Bury which I found to be a nice town to visit.
A splendid church
A lovely park,
And some rather large flower pots!
We had a nice lunch and walk around. Then back to the station-autumnlanc
Then home again!
So, a big thank you to my friend Pat, and her little dog, too! Can’t wait to go back and spend more time!