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Diabetes-controlled or cured?


So, how do you tell the difference? I don’t know, I’m asking! So far, my lo carb lifestyle has done one or the other. What ticks me off is the so called research the various diabetes “charities” are doing…all mostly about medicine.  I would like to see them do actual research into dietary means of control/cure. So far Diabetes UK follows the NHS guidelines for healthy eating, which includes lots of carbs and low fat.

As far as I can tell from various sources, the American diabetes charities are much the same. When will they learn…the evidence is out there, I found it, you can’t tell me that these scientific people can’t.

So, I’ve given up sugar in all its guises and any grain products. I’ve lost almost 40lbs, and gained better health. I have checked my blood pressure and its been lower than even when I was on the meds. The only thing I haven’t been able to check at home so far is my Cholesterol levels.

So, are the various disease charities in a payoff from the pharmaceutical companies? I think so…if you look at their contributors, you will see that a lot of them are pharmaceutical companies. Or big food corporations. You know, the kind that sell “healthy” low fat food that is loaded with sugar.

So, you all can eat low fat, reduced calorie chemically enhanced food, while I enjoy my fat, meat and lo carb lifestyle! I can bet that I enjoy my way more! (I know, cause I’ve been through all that other stuff!)