Monthly Archives: October 2013

I’ve been remiss!


I’ve been so busy doing nothing, that I’ve not paid much heed to blogging, either writing mine or reading others!

My husband retired a couple months ago and it seems we both do not very much. But I’m trying to get it together and lead a more active life, at least in typing mode!

I have been knitting, an incredible amount! I made something for myself, and lots of things for dolls! I’m working on doll things for Christmas! I have several new dolls this year that need warm, winter clothes!

As for me, I’ve maintained my weight loss so far, and intend to go back to the induction phase and lose some more after Christmas, or maybe even before, haven’t decided yet! I’m wearing smaller clothes and enjoying it! Whassup

Here is Felix to keep you company!

I will be writing again soon to let you know all about my adventures in knitting!